The exclusion tab is a particular tab in the module since it was created at the request of the module users.

Gérez les exclusion pour éviter de polluer votre liste Mailchimp

Some customers use marketplace services such as amazon, which automatically imports orders placed on these platforms by creating customer accounts with specific email addresses identified by these marketplaces, but should not be used to communicate with customers directly. I therefore had to exclude his email addresses from synchronization with MailChimp at the risk of one day discovering the blocked Mailchimp account for abuse on email addresses.

  1. Thus, in the first option of this tab, you will be able to enter the domain names to be excluded when synchronizing with Mailchimp.
  2. The second option will allow you to exclude specific groups of customers to whom you never want to send an email.
  3. The third option, allows you to reduce exchanges with Mailchimp by avoiding synchronizing customers who are no longer active on your shop.
  4. The fourth option allows you to disable the synchronization of baskets, which are ultimately only used to set up automatic restarts of abandoned baskets. Interesting option proposed by Mailchimp, but which can considerably slow down your shop during peak traffic and totally useless if you do not want to restart abandoned baskets.
Maybe you will imagine new exclusion options, don't hesitate to tell me about them to see if I can easily integrate them into the module.